The Receivers Office

The Receivers Office

The Receivers Office

We leverage technology for streamlined judgment enforcement while helping people honor their commitments.

About Us

The Receivers Office is dedicated to helping individuals resolve financial obligations that have become receiverships through the Texas judicial system.

Our office works to conclude judgments by facilitating negotiations between both parties to come to a acceptable resolution.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the legal collection industry. Let us help you honor your commitments.

What Is This About?

We are here to help you navigate your receivership process. Learn more here:

Why is My Account Frozen?

Funds in a financial account can been seized by a Texas Court judgement.

What is Receivership?

A turnover receiver can assess and quickly satisfying a court judgment.

Timeline of Events

Here is likely how the process started and how it gets resolved.

What To Expect?

We have a team of dedicated professionals to assist you in finding a remedy to your situation.